T-Mobile (TMUS) Gains Verizon (VZ) Down are you efani SAFE yet?

Wednesday down early T-Mobile (TMUS) Gains 118.25+0.94 (+0.80%) at 03:23PM Verizon (VZ) Down 202.40-19.15 (-8.64%) at 03:25PM | efani.us

Wednesday was off to an unsettling start T-Mobile (TMUS) Gains 118.25+0.94 (+0.80%) as of 03:23PM EST Verizon (VZ) Down 202.40-19.15 (-8.64%) as of 03:25PM today. The markets are still looking for the Santa clause run. T-Mobile US Inc.’s merger with Sprint Corp. was supposed to create a supercharged wireless competitor pushing innovations, lowering prices, and […]

T-Mobile (TMUS) closed at $114.7 What You Should Know

T-Mobile (TMUS) closed at $114.77, +0.68% on the day. S&P 500's daily gain of 0.96%. At the same time, the Dow added 0.61%. | efani.net

In the latest trading session, T-Mobile (TMUS) closed at $114.77, marking a +0.68% move from the previous day. This move lagged the S&P 500’s daily gain of 0.96%. At the same time, the Dow added 0.61%. Entry-level positions at T-Mobile might see a flurry of job applications soon. Yesterday T-Mobile’s new CEO, Mike Sievert, announced […]

T-Mobile (TMUS) Investor Sues Over Massive Data Breach | efani SAFE?

Harold Litwin brings claims of violations of the Securities Exchange Act, breaches of fiduciary duty, & waste of corporate assets | efani.net

A long-term T-Mobile stockholder launched a derivative suit against the telecom giant’s current board of directors, alleging they misled investors about the company’s protection of consumer data and failed to take substantial steps to prevent a massive data breach that occurred in August. Harold Litwin filed his complaint in Washington state federal court on Monday. […]