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efani 2021 Sees Over 40 million personal health info leaked

40+ million people in the USA had their personal health information exposed in data breaches in 2021, a significant jump from 2020 |

Over 40 million people had health information leaked this year More and more people continue to have their health information exposed through hacks and other data leaks. Hacks and thefts of health data spiked in 2021. Over 40 million people in the United States had their personal health information exposed in data breaches this year, […]

T-Mobile Security Breach: 48.6 Million Customers Affected

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Recent articles on cell phone data & security breaches have been written about a massive T-Mobile security breach impacting millions of T-Mobile customers. Hackers stole databases containing customer data and tried to sell parts of it on the black market. The company has started an investigation to determine the validity of the claims regarding this […]