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Nvidia Report “Completely Compromised” By Hackers | efani

The biggest graphics card producer in the world, Nvidia, the victim has been the subject of a cyberattack. efani Partner

The biggest graphics card producer in the world, Nvidia, seems to have been the victim of a cyberattack. The company has been facing internal systems outages including developer tools and even email over the course of this past week.   Some of the disruptions may be an attempt on the part of Nvidia to minimize the […]

Capital One (NYSE: COF) $190 Million Settlement 2019 Data Breach

Capital One would pay a $190 million settlement for losses related to the 2019 Data Breach affecting 89 Million customers efani Partner

The saga of the Capital One data breach, which impacted an estimated 106 million individuals in the U.S. and Canada, may soon be coming to an end. After more than two years of litigation, the parties have reached a settlement that would resolve existing and future consumer claims arising out of the 2019 breach which […]

Data Breach Alert: South Shore Hospital Corporation | efani Partner

South Shore Hospital is a non-profit hospital in Chicago, IL Founded in 1912 treats patients receiving Medicare or Medicaid efani Partner

Recently, South Shore Hospital Corporation (“South Shore Hospital”) announced that it experienced a cyber security incident resulting in the Protected Health Information of more than 115,000 individuals being compromised. The data breach lawyers at Console & Associates, P.C. are going to begin interviewing victims of the breach to determine what damages they sustained and what […]

California T-Mobile Data Breach Claimant Argues that Case Belongs in State Court

The California plaintiff also filed suit in August 2021 and amended in October, asserting that T-Mobile was the target of a data breach efani Partner

A litigant who filed suit against T-Mobile Inc. in the Superior Court of San Francisco filed a motion for remand on Monday, arguing that the case must proceed in state court instead of with others consolidated in multidistrict litigation in Kansas City, Mo. The suit concerns T-Mobile’s August 2021 data breach that exposed more than 50 million customers’ personal information.   A […]

OpenSea Hacked $2 Million Theft NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape and Mutant Ape Yacht Club token holders were hacked in the second breach at OpenSea in the last month, 2022 off to a bad start for NFT's. efani Partner

  Bored Ape and Mutant Ape Yacht Club token holders were hacked in the second breach at OpenSea in the last month, 2022 off to a bad start for NFT’s. A glitch with the OpenSea marketplace that allowed them to purchase NFTs for well below their actual asking price and resell them for massive profits […]

FTC Fine CA Lead Gen Co $1.5M Financial Data MisUse efani

FTC Fine CA Lead Gen Co $1.5M Financial Data MisUse | efani

A “win” for Consumers as a California-based lead generation firm settled with the FTC for $1.5 million over alleged privacy violations. The FTC argued that the corporate deceptively acquired client private info and improperly shared this info with numerous entities beneath the guise of connecting shoppers with lenders. The FTC argued that the company deceptively […]

Has your Gmail been Secretly Hacked? Protect Yourself efani Partner

My Gmail was Hacked? Dangers of Being Hacked Due to the internet it is difficult to keep your passwords safe from hackers efani Partner SAFE Secure

My Gmail was Hacked? Dangers of Being Hacked. Due to the internet, it is difficult to keep your passwords safe from hackers. When your phone or other device is connected to the Internet, malware built by a hacker on your computer secretly transmits your personal and financial information without your permission or consent. Gmail is […]

Verizon’s (VZ) TracFone Customers Complain Attackers Steal Numbers

Verizon and TracFone, we found that all providers “used an insecure authentication challenge that could easily be destroyed by an attacker efani Partner

Verizon, which acquired TracFone in late November in a $6.25 billion deal, said it had added security protections to the recently acquired services to prevent such fraudulent transfers. For instance, the prepaid operators will now send customers a text message notification when a transfer request is made. Attackers have commanded thousands of TracFone customer phone numbers and forced new owners in recent weeks. Verizon Communications […]

Name Social Security Numbers Test Results Exposed after Data Breach

Most Secured Mobile Phone Cyber Security Data Protection Encrypted SIM Stop Scammers & Hackers Data Breaches Expose Personal Identity efani Partner

As daily Data Breaches plague America, St. Lucie County residents are the latest victims who have had personal info exposed. Names, Social Security numbers, types of drug tests & test results as the types of personal information that may have been compromised after the data breach last month. Having your personal data and information accessed by strangers is one […]

Accellion $8 Million Data Breach Settlement | efani Partner

Accellion has protected over 25 million end-users at more than 3,000 Global Corporations & Government Agencies Hospitals | efani Partner

Accellion $8.1 million class action settlement for breach platform that allowed companies to securely share large or sensitive files. Accellion has protected over 25 million end-users at more than 3,000 global corporations and government agencies, including NYC Health + Hospitals; KPMG; Kaiser Permanente; Latham & Watkins; National Park Service; Umpqua Bank; Tyler Technologies; and the […]

Crypto Heist LCX Exchange hack $6.8 million | efani Partner

Another Crypto heist: LCX Exchange hacked for $6.8M 3. Blockchain Security Firm PeckShield estimated loss | Get SAFE efani Partner

The LCX Exchange was attacked, with Peckshield reporting a loss of $6.8 million in Ethereum-based tokens from Liechtenstein-based LCX AG. The Exchange was hacked, $6.8 million was transferred to the hackers’ wallet. One of the platform AG’s hot wallets was hacked as a result of a security vulnerability.   Most of the losses suffered included […]

$2.2 Million NFT Scam All My Apes Are Gone Bored Ape NFT Theft Stolen

Theft of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the rise Many collectors Losing Millions Bored Apes Mutant Apes NFTs efani SAFE Partner

Theft of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) appears to be on the rise, with many collectors losing millions of dollars as a result. In one recent example that led to widespread mockery, an NFT investor complained “all my apes are gone,” referring to the popular “Bored Apes” and “Mutant Apes” NFTs they had invested in. Todd Kramer, […]

UScellular Data Breach Billing System Hack | efani Partner

UScellular Second Data Breach of 2021 hit fourth-largest Carrier. Hackers Gained Access to Customer Data efani Partner

UScellular exposes customer personal data and billing info in a second data breach that hit the fourth largest Carrier in 2021. Hackers successfully gained access to the carrier’s customer data and CRM software in January and again in December 2021. UScellular, the mobile carrier, said in data breach notification letters sent to 405 impacted individuals […]

Capital One (NYSE: COF) Settles Nearly 100M Data Breach Customers

Capital One $190 million Settle Class-Action Lawsuit Hacker, Paige Thomas, stole the personal data of nearly 100 million people in 2019 efani Partner

Capital One settles biggest data breach in history $190 Million Dollars Capital One has agreed to pay $190 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by customers of the bank. Hacker, Paige Thomas, stole the personal data of nearly 100 million people in 2019. Thompson, in her thirties, is a former Seattle technology company software […]

T-Mobile (TMUS) Faces 50 Million Customer Class Action Data Breach

Your Phone is the KEY to your Privacy. Protect Your Investments Crypto Stocks NFT from Scammers & Hackers ASAP! efani Partner

Past T-Mobile Data Breaches and Lawsuits, 3 breaches in 2021 alone. This is not the first time T-Mobile has failed to protect its customer’s data. T-Mobile has reportedly suffered five recent data breaches. Hackers stole the personal identification data of millions of past, present, and prospective T-Mobile customers, leading to a huge class-action lawsuit. A […]

Morgan Stanley (NASDAQ: MS) $60 Million Data Breach Settlement

The $60 Million Settlement Federal Court on Friday, Dec. 31, on behalf of 15 Million Customers who allege Personal Data efani Partner

Morgan Stanley (NASDAQ: MS) has agreed to pay $60 million as a fine to settle a lawsuit by its customers. The lawsuit alleged that the investment bank had failed twice to correctly rescind some of its outdated information technology that exposed customers’ personal data. Allegedly, failed to properly pull out some of its outdated information […]

Security Breach NASDAQ AAPL Apple iPhone HomeKit Bug Make Useless

Apple devices exposed. iOS 15 HomeKit attack vector involving very long device names, has been disclosed to Apple in August 2021 efani Partner

Apple devices exposed. A vulnerability in iOS that uses HomeKit as an attack vector involving very long device names, has been disclosed after a researcher disclosed it to Apple in August 2021. As with its other products, Apple is keen on keeping HomeKit as secure as possible for its users. In a disclosure published on […]

T-Mobile Cyberattack Reportedly exposed Customer Info and SIMs

efani Protects SIM Swap Attacks T-Mobile suffers a data breach, AGAIN - T-Mobile has undergone a small-scale data breach days before the year 2021 ends.

T-Mobile has suffered another cyberattack after being rocked by a massive data breach in August. This time around, attackers accessed “a small number of” customers’ accounts, according to documents posted by The T-Mo Report. According to the report, customers either fell victim to a SIM swapping attack (which could allow someone to bypass SMS-powered two-factor […]