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efani Amazon NASDAQ: AMZN Dark Secret Failed to Protect Your Data

efani | Amazon NASDAQ: AMZN Dark Secret Failed to Protect Your Data

Amazon’s Dark Secret: It Has Failed to Protect Your Data On September 26, 2018, a row of tech executives filed into a marble- and wood-paneled hearing room and sat down behind a row of tabletop microphones and tiny water bottles. They had all been called to testify before the US Senate Commerce Committee on a […]

Data Breach Notice Identity Theft Resource Center | efani SAFE? News | Data Breach Notice Identity Theft Resource Center

Organizations need to review how they notify consumers of data breaches to reduce the level of inaction and improve the credit freeze adoption rates,” said Eva Velasquez, President, and CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center. Today, the Identity Theft Resource Center® (ITRC), a nationally recognized nonprofit organization established to support victims of identity crime, […]

Top Cybersecurity Threats Around the Globe | Are You efani SAFE?

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Cybersecurity threats, risks, and challenges vary a lot from one region to the next and one nation to the next. Targets vary based on local resources to exploit. Cyber criminals and nation-state attackers zero in on specific nations, companies, and organizations for varying incentives. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated cybersecurity threats. Attackers might launch […]

Ministry Defense not aware harm following data breaches

efani News Afghans arriving in the UK having been relocated from Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Ministry of Defence not aware of any harm following data breaches The Ministry of Defence has said it is “not aware anyone has come to harm” as a result of data breaches involving the email addresses of Afghan interpreters who worked for British forces. The MoD launched an inquiry after more than 300 people […]