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Hello, are you interested in Working from Home?

⭐Remote Sales Work From Home & Flexible Hours⭐

100% Remote Job Full-Time. calling US-based Customers LEADS Provided.

A work-from-home Customer Service SALES Representative is needed to contact leads from provided CRM.

High school diploma and excellent communication skills required.

Most Reps can close 5 to 10 per day depending on skill level. We are looking for a few good people that want to make a great income working remotely from home.

Are you interested in making money from home?

Here is our company website, have a look at how easy this is to sell

We provide you with a Full CRM loaded with leads. All you need is a headset and a desktop or laptop computer.

How much experience do you have with:

1. a CRM portal?
2. Outbound sales?
3. are you looking for yourself or are looking to manage a crew?

Please have a GOOD read-over of the website. You will find all the details and information about the service. It is called SAFE by efani.

efani is a mobile phone carrier like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile (you will be calling the US)

Everyone has a cell phone and a plan.

Some are prepaid, some are “post-paid”. efani is a monthly plan that replaces existing services.

There is a great Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) on the website that answers the most common questions customers have.

In Canada, the target customer would be Rogers, Bell, or Telus.
In the Philippines, the target customer would be on are equivalent to SMART, Globe & Dito.

Customer Incentives:

  1. The customer gets 1 month FREE.
  2. The customer refers up to 3 friends the customer and each friend gets a FREE month.
  3. Monthly Bonus.
  4. BONUS for volume.

Payments on SAFE Subscriptions + Bonus are:

100 or more sales per week are paid the following week.
Less than 100 sales per week are paid 2 times per month.
Crew sales count towards ALL.

Crew Leaders or Team Leaders

If you and your crew, in total, do 100+ sales you all get paid the following week.

You should achieve 100 sales if you have 2 or more working on the CRM.

If you think you have what it takes, and you can work from home remotely and meet these criteria apply today!


Remote Sales Work From Home & Flexible Hours interested in Working from Home