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FTC Fine CA Lead Gen Co $1.5M Financial Data MisUse efani

A “win” for Consumers as a California-based lead generation firm settled with the FTC for $1.5 million over alleged privacy violations. The FTC argued that the corporate deceptively acquired client private info and improperly shared this info with numerous entities beneath the guise of connecting shoppers with lenders.

The FTC argued that the company deceptively acquired consumer personal information and improperly shared this information with various entities under the guise of connecting consumers with lenders. A California-based lead generation company recently settled with the FTC for $1.5 million over alleged privacy violations. Information in question included Social Security numbers and bank account information.

The company operates hundreds of websites encouraging consumers to complete online loan applications. It represented that it would send those applications only to a “trusted network of lenders.” The company made many representations about the limits of its sharing. Despite these promises, the FTC alleged, the company sold consumers’ information to non-lender marketers, debit card sellers, debt negotiation, and credit repair services. This sharing constituted deception under Section 5 of the FTC Act.

The company also failed to impose use restrictions on the information sold and, in many instances, was not aware of the purposes for which companies were purchasing the consumers’ information. These acts constituted unfair practices under Section 5. The FTC’s complaint also alleged that the company unlawfully obtained and resold the credit scores of consumers in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Princeton University in 2020 Research on identification methods Of the five prepaid mobile operators, including Verizon and TracFone, we found that all providers “used an insecure authentication challenge that could easily be destroyed by an attacker.”

Some people are of the belief that their Social Security Number (SSN) is the most valuable number. In reality, your mobile phone number is even more valuable to hackers and scammers.

Take this recent data breach as an example. Scammers can use the breach data to SIM Swap your number and become you. Once the scammer and hackers have control of your number it is a matter of minutes to hours before they reak havoc on your entire life. These scammers and hackers, now that they control your number, can gain access and steal all your bank accounts, crypto, social media, and other accounts. We take for granted how much our mobile controls in our lives.

It is time you protect yourself today and get SAFE secured.

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Everything can be at risk from your photo’s on your phone, your 401k, Investments, Crypto, even your bank account and social media accounts. All of your assets and identity are at risk and it is up to you, and only you, to protect yourself.