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Most Secure Mobile Phone Service Prevent Eavesdropping, Remote Access & Location Tracking SAFE Encrypted Secure Your Identity & Phone NOW AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Tracfone and US Mobile – are susceptible to SIM swap scams


Efani is the most secure Telecommunication Service that guarantees protection against any kind of SIM port-out hacks, encrypts your personal information & backs it with a $5M Insurance coverage.

Non Profit For Good provides information to help users learn the risks of non secure mobile and data.  TheNFG or is dedicated to increasing the use of Renewables Solar Energy Disaster Relief Support and is Funded by Reviews Most Secure Mobile Phone Plan Secure Phone Service Best SIM Swap Fraud Protection Cyber Security Guaranteed Prevent Eavesdropping Location Tracking

Links on the website earn referral fees for Nonprofit For Good which go towards projects of our Mission.


efani does not offer family plans but if someone brings a family member, each person gets 1 month FREE.

For instance, if someone brings 4 family members, each of them will get 1 month FREE; total 8 months FREE in this case. 4 for the primary and 1 month FREE for each.

Unfortunately, the efani SAFE Plan & Secure system doesn’t work this way and you’ll have to upgrade from your current unsecured plan.

efani offers a 60-day money back refund guarantee. If in a rare event that you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund you 100% of your money.

efani Guarantees SIM Swap Protection. efani does not sell your data so your mobile number would not be circulated or distributed by efani.

However, your bank, Google or many others may have already sold your data so if Robot calls or Robot texts are a concern to you, there are many APP’s available that can provide a solution for you.

But rest assured your number is protected from SIM Swapping and efani Guarantees it!


We don’t take any orders over the phone or discuss credit card numbers. All purchases are done via the secure online checkout page. I won’t know if you buy or not, our front line support does not have access to the data which is part of our security control.

We operate on America’s #1 5G Network that covers 99% of Americans. In addition, we also offer complimentary Wi-Fi calling so you can even make calls in spotty locations.

Yes, the $99 covers unlimited data, voice & text as well as security, privacy and the 5M insurance policy.

The service activation usually takes around 5 minutes, or a max 10 minutes, then you’re secure and insured against SIM swaps. The only reason it would take longer is if you don’t have your PIN handy or your phone is locked by your current provider.

We’ll cover any Financial Loss up to $5M if it’s caused by SIM Port Attack or leakage of your personal information from our side.


Efani requires a minimal amount of information which is for charging purposes. The data is encrypted and maintained on separate servers so that it’s as secure as humanly possible and kept offline. Access to this data is limited within Efani, and the help desk staff does not even have access to your account. They take customer requests, submit them internally and all changes are handled as if you were as important as Elon Musk.

Absolutely! You can either secure your existing number or get a new number. We have a great collection of Vanity Numbers as well.

We require only enough information in order to complete your purchase authorization. We keep minimal information and the information is then separated and kept on different physical services and is encrypted. Access to this data is kept to a few employees for control of the data.

When you purchase Efani, we send you two SIM cards. One is to activate your line, the other you keep in your wallet or purse or at home, then if your phone is lost then we can activate you on the 2nd SIM card. The SIM cards have a code on them which makes it easier to authorize you and get you up and running again.

I can understand technology can seem overwhelming as it  constantly changes but this is what makes us all so vulnerable to attack from nefarious “bad actors” that want to steal our data.

It is not only about hackers stealing your financial assets.

Let’s face it, we are not all millionaires but our data gives hackers access to other things such as our reputation. Did you know that even Multi-Billionaire and Founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey was a victim of a SIM Swap?

Jack’s own Company, Twitter, granted control to a hacker due to a SIM Swap and Jack could not access his Twitter account for 15+ minutes.  In that time 15+ minutes, MANY tweets were sent out in HIS name, through his Twitter account before he regained access.

Imagine the damage if someone got access to all your photos, texts, social media account, etc. Sure efani protects SIM Swapping and Financial Assets but security is not limited to finances like Crypto/Bitcoin or Stocks & retirement accounts.

When a hacker gains control of your cell phone they gain control of EVERYTHING. You can keep control of your data, privacy & security, just click and get secured today

Great question, we hear this daily. The question you need to ask yourself is what is the damage exposing your privacy, security, and data to hackers worth?

US cellular carriers don’t have contracts anymore. It’s extremely rare, even efani service is month to month.

Usually, as a customer, you are only bound to the financing of your phone. So if you paid for your phone you are golden. If you financed your phone through your carriers and have six months of payments left on your phone then you can pay off your phone and have it unlocked immediately, except for some T-Mobile accounts where T-Mobile requires 30 days if you pay it off early.

Replace your existing mobile service plan with a secure efani SAFE plan for only $99/month

efani Private Secured Insured Best Cell Phone Service Keep Your Phone Assets & Crypto Secure If your Identity & Phone is not SAFE secured do it now


efani Private Secured Insured Best Cell Phone Service Keep Your Phone Assets & Crypto Secure If your Identity & Phone is not SAFE secured do it now


efani Private Secured Insured Best Cell Phone Service Keep Your Phone Assets & Crypto Secure If your Identity & Phone is not SAFE secured do it now


efani Private Secured Insured Best Cell Phone Service Keep Your Phone Assets & Crypto Secure If your Identity & Phone is not SAFE secured do it now


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